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Spa City Chronicle

Spa City Chronicle is located in the heart central Arkansas. Our location gives us a unique prospective for creating content focused on all things Arkansas.

About Spa City Chronicle
Spa City Chronicle is Arkansas' most reliable source of media garbage. Forget Fox News, CNN and NBC. We will bring you the finest quality memes, fake news and alternative facts possible.  Although our budget is non existent and everyone here is paid in cheap Russian vodka, you can expect nothing but the highest quality trash.  
About the garbage we provide

We offer three kinds of content over two social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter.


Memes:  Our memes are centered around central Arkansas, Mainly the Hot Springs area and make up most of our daily content.

Fake News: Satire articles also centered around central Arkansas.

Spa City Weather:  Satire weather articles dedicated to making fun of Central Arkansas' already crazy weather.


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100 Park Ave.

Hot Springs, AR 71901

New to Spa City Chronicle

Spa City Dining is SCC's way of showing support to our local eateries during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Spa City Dining offers participates free advertising on our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  To qualify you must be an established local restaurant, understand that you will be advertising on a SATIRE platform, have a sense of humor and fill out a small application.  We are starting this service out with six spots.  With time we will add to that.  This is a no strings attached offer; straight up free advertising.  If you are the owner of a local restaurant, email us at or direct message us on Facebook.   We'll send you an application and once approved, work with you to get your ad set up. 

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