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A Year Later: Where Are They Now- Paul Maddox of Arkansas 911 News

Hot Springs, AR - A little more than a year after hitting the ban button on his own media production, Arkansas 911 News, Chronicle staff caught up with Paul Maddox, creator of the infamous pay-or-ban website.

13 months later Maddox says he couldn't be happier as he's taken a job working for Meta, Facebook’s parent company. “Shortly after leaving all you ungrateful sons of bitches to fend for yourselves, Meta reached out to me. Said they were impressed with my banning skills.”

The former editor-in-chief spends most of his days hitting the ban hammer on non-boot lickers. “Any comments I see not kissing law enforcement ass get the boot. Any posts not praising police brutality, outta there.” Maddox says it's a much quieter life but much more fulfilling. “I thought my passion was ambulance chasing and boot licking but it's really banning people that don't share my ridiculous opinions.”

When he retires from Meta he says he plans on opening the Arkansas 911 News Museum. He's kept all of his gear and vehicles and they will be on display when the museum is up and running. “It'll be a few years away but I'm already planning my retirement. Building a shrine, I mean a museum that will display all the hard work I put into bringing top-notch 911 news to the area.

Admission to the museum will be at a low price of $2.49 per person.



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