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ADC Says Inmate Depopulation is on Track Following Fourth Death in Two Weeks at Tucker Max Unit

Following the fourth death in two weeks at the Tucker Maximum Security Unit, the ADC says their inmate depopulation program is ready to move out of the testing phase. The program, a first of its kind is designed to promote homicide and suicide within ADC facilities. ”The beauty of the program is we don't have to do anything different really. Just more of the same neglect, ” one official said.

The testing at the Tucker Unit Involved selected inmates missing multiple meals, mandatory solidarity confinement for days or weeks at a time while having political ads run continuously. ”Eventually they break one way or the other, ” the official continued. The agency plans on implementing the program at multiple facilities in the coming months.

The ADC claims that once in full force the program should reduce the prisoner population by 50 percent, saving taxpayers millions in inmate housing cost.



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