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Alleged Mountain Lion Captured Off of Cedar Glades Rd.

Hot Springs, AR - Deputies with the Garland County Sheriff's Office and Arkansas Game & Fish Commission captured an alleged mountain lion earlier today in an area off of Cedar Glades Rd. At around 11 A.M. GCSO dispatch received a call of a large dog trying to break into a family's rabbit pen. When deputies arrived, they were shocked to see an alleged mountain lion fleeing the area, up a tree.

Deputies then called for assistance from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, who were very unhelpful according to officials on the scene. "When we called, they didn't believe us. They said they didn't think we were funny and mountain lions aren't a thing in Hot Springs," according to one deputy.

When AGFC was finally persuaded to come to the scene, they shot the animal with a tranquilizer dart and posted a lot of propaganda to their official Facebook page stating why there are no mountain lions in this area while waiting for it to take effect.

The Game and Fish Commission's official position on the incident is this is was a house cat on illegal steroids, and there is zero chance this animal being a mountain lion as they are not native to the area.

The sheriff's department holds a different opinion of the situation though releasing the following statement: The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is full of shit.

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