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Arkadelphia In A State Of Emergency After Only Sonic Closes

Arkadelphia, AR - The national guard is being dispatched to Arkadelphia to provide entertainment relief efforts after the city's only form of entertainment closed its doors. Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee-Sanders dispatched the guardsman shortly after getting approval from the White House to issue the official state of emergency declaration.

The Red Cross is also gathering supplies to be brought to the area and help with relief efforts. Others from across the state are also donating to help this once-great city in need. “It is wonderful to see so many Arkansans come together in the spirit of compassion to help our brothers and sisters in need in Arkadelphia,” Huckabee-Sanders said in a press release.

The National Guard will be providing a designated “chill” area for residents while the Red Cross will provide powered limeade substitutes, plain hot dogs, and frozen yogurt options. If you would like to assist with relief efforts in Arkadelphia, please contact your local Red Cross center for donation information.



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