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Arkansans tell Entergy to kiss their collective ass and keep the power on

Little Rock, AR - With skyrocketing electric bills and a bullshit 3 dollar credit to residential bills, Entergy Arkansas customers are telling the electric company to shut up and keep the power on or they won't be getting paid. "With as much as you charge us per month for service, you should have had this shit up to handling this much usage a long ass time ago," one customer stated. Customers around the state are planning a bill boycott if the electric company begins with planned outages to conserve power. "How about if you cut my shit off, I do a planned stop payment," another customer said.

Customers say they were already on edge with Entergy after receiving a credit on their bills that amounted to around three dollars for most customers and they say this will be the straw that broke the camel's back. Entergy officials say that customers should be thankful for whatever credit they received and for Entergy's due diligence in attempting to maintain power for most of the customers. Customers replied with, "fuck that, try us."



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