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Arkansas Governor Outlaws Being Unemployed With Executive Order

Little Rock, AR— Governor Asa Hutchison passed an executive order late Friday outlawing being unemployed in the natural state. Hutchison says he’s working with state representatives to pass legislation that will make the executive order law. “I’m hoping the state legislator can have something on my desk by early next week to sign,” Hutchison said during an interview.

State Sen. Jason Rapert who is spearheading the bill says that the maximum fine for being unemployed will be ten years in prison and a $10,000 fine. “Moving forward, we feel this is the best way to get Arkansans back to work,” Rapert said.

There will be a special provision for restaurant workers complaining about making between $2-3 an hour. “These workers should be thankful to have a job and not complain about it,” he continued. Those that violate the provision will be subject to a $1000 fine.

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