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Arkansas Governor To Enact 80hr a Week Work Requirement For All Medicaid Recipients

Little Rock, AR - On Monday Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee-Sanders announced her plan to add an 80hr a week work requirement for all Arkansas Medicaid recipients. The goal of the work requirement is to get all Arkansans back into the workforce, regardless of their ability to do so.

“We are going to take a Spartan approach to Medicaid in Arkansas. If you can work eighty hours a week, you can get it. If not, you'll probably die trying which will save the state money in the long run,” she said in a press release.

The new work requirement will apply to all Medicaid recipients, regardless of age, or mental or physical status. “In the long run, we expect to save the state billions of dollars as most with developmental disabilities and psychiatric disorders will drop off within the first couple of months. Those that are medically frail aren't expected to last a day,” the statement continued.

Huckabee-Sanders says the money the state saves from Medicaid can go to much-needed state programs like raises for her team, building more prisons, and arming law enforcement with military-grade equipment.

“What would be more American than taking healthcare away from those that desperately need it to provide our boys in blue with rocket launchers.”

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