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Arkansas House Votes to Abolish Zero Tolerance in Arkansas Schools

Little Rock, AR - Arkansas Lawmakers shocked the state when Democrats and Republicans voted unanimously to end Arkansas schools' zero-tolerance policies in a bid to end bullying. HR-187, the fuck bullies bill, aims to give children being bullied the right to fight back. "For years children have been paralyzed with fear not only from bullies but from the consequences of defending themselves," said House Rep. Mickey Gates who introduced the bill.

With security cameras and law enforcement in virtually every school in Arkansas, lawmakers felt it was time current school policies caught up with the technology available. "It isn't hard at all to find out who the instigator of a fight is when you have security cameras, security, and social media," Gates continued.

If signed into law by Governor Hutchinson, Arkansas will be the first state in U.S. History to give protections to children who defend themselves against bullies.



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