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Arkansas Wins 2nd Place for State with Worst Teeth

Little Rock, AR - In a new study published by the institute of dental fuckery, Arkansas came in second place for the worst teeth in the nation. Mississippi came in first.

Arkansas governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders said second place did not come easy for the state and Arkansans should take pride in winning the spot. “Second place among 50 states is something all of us should take pride in. It was a collective effort between state government, citizens, and corporations.”

Sanders promises her administration will work hard in 2023 to secure the number-one spot. “We will do our part by lessening access to dental benefits to low-income homes. We will also be working with dental providers to ensure that those that do somehow get approved for Medicaid dental benefits can not use them.” The goal is to make it so complicated to bill Medicaid for dental work that providers will no longer take it.

Sanders asks citizens to do their part by maintaining zero dental maintenance at home and continuing to let meth ravage our communities. “Honestly, without meth, I don't think we would have made it to where we did. Keep slanging that crystal y'all.”



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