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Army Navy Hospital's Inevitable Demise Sure to Spark Action

Hot Springs, AR - Congressman Bruce Westerman says the best way to get the federal government to step in and save the Army-Navy Hospital in Hot Springs is for it to burn to the ground. In an exclusive interview with SCC, Westerman outlined how the historic building's demise could potentially spark action by the federal government.

"The money is there; I and other elected officials from Arkansas could easily earmark funding in upcoming legislation for not only the upkeep of the facility but also enticing potential private business to come in and make good use of it. Instead, we'll do the exact opposite and let this landmark go the way of the Majestic Hotel."

In Westerman's evaluation of the situation, he thinks it would be easier to make it look like he is doing something rather than "actually" doing something. "I can put it off on other federal agencies like the DOJ when in fact I could get the ball rolling. It's just easier."

The congressman plans on allocating funds for the site after it has burned to the ground. "I'll get a couple million for the city to put some sod on the site once it's gone up in a blaze the likes of which Hot Springs has never seen before."



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