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Asa Hutchinson to Pardon Those Arrested for Possession of Marijuana

Little Rock, AR - Today Governor Asa Hutchinson announced his administration's plan to pardon inmates convicted on all marijuana-related arrest. Those still incarcerated will be immediately released, excluding those serving time for other charges. "With medical marijuana sales beginning this month we feel that we are morally obligated to stike those arrest from the record and let these people start off with a clean slate," the Governor said.

The Arkansas House and Senate are also working on legislation to help those being released by the governor with the "Second Chance" bill. It will give those pardoned, first choice to be hired by any state-regulated marijuana business. It will also provide those wanting to pursue entrepreneurship within the industry, grant money to start their own dispensaries and grow operations.

"This is the beginning of the healing process between the state and those who have had their lives destroyed by unjust laws," according to the governor. For more information click here



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