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Beatdowns are the Ultimate Mother's Day Gift According to HS Family

Hot Springs, AR - A unique mother's day gift lands a woman's entire family in the ER while she enjoys a day at the spa. Suzan Wilshire says when she woke up this morning, her family presented her with the strangest, most enticing gift imaginable. "They came upstairs and told me instead of a typical gift I could beat the shit out of all of them."

Mrs. Wilshire says she doesn't remember much after hearing that but does remember the sense of euphoria after coming to her senses and standing over her family's unconscious bodies. "It was a feeling I cannot explain. I just felt at peace. It was so calm and peaceful, I cried."

She's looking forward to coming home and doing absolutely nothing after a day at the spa but drinking wine and watching Game of Thrones tonight as her family will stay in the hospital overnight.

The Husband says as far as gifts go, it doesn't get any better than this. "She is happier than ever and we didn't spend a dime."



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