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City Promises to Ruin Historic Army-Navy Hospital Twice as Fast as Magestic Hotel

Hot Springs, AR - Following the closing of the Hot Springs Rehabilitation Center, the Hot Springs Board of Directors is promising to lay waste to the Old Army-Navy Hospital building it was once in, twice as fast as The Majestic Hotel. The City Manager's Office released a statement reading in part, "We're committed to expediting the process of letting the building become run down, eventually condemning it and finally letting vagrants burn it to the ground."

City leaders claim they learned a lot in the wake of their botched handling of the Majestic Hotel Property. New ordinances and a better understanding of how to destroy a piece property quickly while still maintaining a good public image will set this apart from the Majestic.

They plan on implementing the plan as soon as the Rehabilitation Center closes. "We plan on hiring a company to tear holes in the roof and break windows and plumbing to accelerate the dilapidation of the building."

We'll have more on this story as it develops. Click here for more breaking news.


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