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“Cocaine Bear Challenge” Creates Largest Drug Empire in United States History

Hot Springs, AR - A Hot Springs man chasing internet fame unintentionally started the largest meth empire in U.S. History. The ”Oso Negro” Cartel has become the nation’s number-one producer of meth and one of the world’s most dangerous criminal organizations.

“Little did I know that trying to imitate what I saw in a movie trailer would lead to this.” The man says after watching the trailer for Cocaine Bear, he was curious what would happen if he gave a black bear meth. “How could I have known giving meth to it would trigger self awareness in the animal.” Wildlife experts and those in the scientific community say what the drug caused in the animal was unprecedented. “It’s like if Skynet gained a Scarface-like consciousness.”

The bear, code named Don-Yogi and his human associate have created the most powerful production and distribution networks of meth ever seen. Law enforcement has largely been I’ll-equipped to deal with the organization and that doesn’t seem to change in the near future. “They are fucking bears, a lot of drug pushing bears. What in the fuck are we supposed to do with that?” One official said.



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