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Frank Scott Jr. Proposes Annual Purge for Little Rock

Little Rock, AR - With violent crime on the rise in the River City, newly elected mayor Frank Scott Jr. is proposing the first-ever Purge. "City leaders have exhausted every conventional option with zero progress made. Community outreach, Police Brutality; none of it works," Scott said. The new mayor thinks that people need a day to "Just let it all out." He is currently working with city leaders to iron out the cost of corpse recovery and removal for the proposed annual event.

Under Scott Jr.'s proposal, all crime would be legal for a period of twenty-four hours. The mayor says his idea will create many benefits for citizens who survive the purge, like less traffic and more job openings, especially in the mortuary industry. "I think after a couple of years doing this the city will see a virtual end to gang violence and a significant drop in the number comparisons to Chicago that pop up on Facebook," he continued.

We'll have more on this story as it develops. Check here for other breaking news in and around Central Arkansas.



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