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GCSO Investigating Fire at Jason's as Arson by Known Suspect

Hot Springs, AR - Authorities are calling the fire at Jason's on Amity arson. According to Garland County Sheriff's Office, although it is an ongoing investigation, they do have a suspect they are seeking in connection with the fire. They are searching for fifty-six-year-old Ronald Mcdonald, who in the past month has had multiple altercations with the owner, Jason Davis. It is believed he broke into the restaurant after Davis refused to give in to his demands.

According to Davis, Mcdonald had come to the business numerous times threatening to harm him if he didn't drop burgers from his menu, and quit posting so many annoying videos to Facebook. The incident came to a head early Sunday when Davis went live on Facebook for 24 hours straight.

He was throwing "flaming weenies" at a mannequin dressed as Mcdonald while delivering a profanity-filled video about, burgers, overcoming addiction with Christ, beating people up who get outta line, and why Mcdonald was a "lightweight" and "a booger on his finger."

Authorities are warning people if they come across Mcdonald to call the 911 and do not engage. He is described as 5'11, medium build, with orangish hair and extremely pale skin.



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