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Governor Puts Brakes on LEARNS Act After Islamic School Asks About State Vouchers

Little Rock, AR - Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee-Sanders immediately withdrew support for her education bill after an Arkansas Islamic School made inquiries into how to apply for state vouchers. She urged state lawmakers to kill the bill in its current form.

“We’ve got to take this back to the drawing board! Hell will freeze over before an anti-Christian establishment gets public funds. That money is for Christian indoctrination, I mean school choice,” she said in a statement. She plans on vetoing the bill if the senate passes it.

Many religious organizations were patiently waiting for the bill to pass before The Arkansas School of Isam prematurely tried to take advantage of the proposed law. Representatives for the Church of Scientology openly criticized the ASI, stating “You assholes just cost us millions in taxpayer money.”

Education Secretary Jacob Oliva says the new bill will have language specifically outlining only Christian schools would be eligible for school funding vouchers. “We will not allow America-hating fanatics or Alien worshiping weirdos to indoctrinate children on the state dime.”



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