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Hot Springs Dog Goes Viral After Sharing The Tale of Va-Koom

Hot Springs, AR - A Hot Springs dog went viral over the weekend after exposing its owner's use of the monster Va-Koom. In the post, the K9 details how Va-Koom was allowed to stalk and hunt the helpless animal. “I can’t say that I’ve had a good life; yes there have been good parts, but Va-Koom has always been lurking in the background, waiting for its chance to suck me up like it does everything in the house.”

Buster (the dog’s name), details how, over the years, Va-Koom has evolved from an evil, black hole of death used by his owners only occasionally to a free-roaming monster, constantly on the hunt for anything and everything it can devour. “It has been hell on me, and yet my owners seem to get great pleasure from watching me barely escape its bottomless pit of death.”

After gaining millions of views and the attention of animal rights activists around the globe, buster is safe in protective custody while his owners are being investigated for animal cruelty and aiding the beast known as Va-Koom.



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