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Hot Springs Man Beats GPS By 30 Minutes Setting World Record

Hot Springs, AR - A Hot Springs man destroyed his vehicle’s estimated arrival time by more than 30 minutes, setting a new Guinness World Record. The man attributes the accolade to being chased by Arkansas State Police.

“I wasn’t trying to break any records or anything like that. Just trying to get home and away from the damn law.” Troopers with the ASP we’re the ones to alert Guinness of the achievement after apprehending the man. “While we were securing the vehicle we noticed the projected arrival time and the actual time we caught him as he crashed into the front of his house.”

The record is still under review by Guinness officials as the exact arrival time is being debated. “We’re certain that the record was set but unsure of the actual recorded time as the vehicle was technically airborne when it entered the property and crashed directly into the house.”



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