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Hot Springs' Men Beefing on Facebook See Each other on the Street, Nothing Happens

Hot Springs, AR - Two mid-30s Hot Springs men ran across one another early Saturday morning after a month-long Facebook argument, spanning thousands of comments. The two had engaged in a comment battle, starting back in April, after a rouge Facebook post. Many spectators of the comment war, expecting a Tyson vs. Holyfield type street fight, were disappointed when the two finally met up and absolutely nothing happened. " I've been waiting a whole month for a fight, and these two walk by each other at the shop like they ain't never met before," one witness said. According to witnesses interviewed by SCC, the two happened to be at the same barbershop early Saturday with no fighting or show of aggression from either occurring. "They were both in there real sweaty like and kept looking at their phones to avoid eye contact. Matter of fact, I think one guy's phone was dead, but he just kept staring at that bitch sweating beads." Late Saturday night, both were back at it on Facebook, trading shots in the comments of each other's post belittling the other's actions at the shop earlier.



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