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HS Restaurant Review Group Starts MMA League

Hot Springs, AR - With the popularity and recent surge in arguing in the Hot Springs Restaurant Reviews group, a new MMA league is being formed for members to settle their online disputes in real life. The Admin/group creator/group expert/resident know it all/ban specialist, James Whitten announced the new league in a FB post late last night.

“HSRR Fight Club is a new fight league I have created for everyone who has something negative to say in MY group. If you post a negative comment you will instantly be put on the fight card. There will be a weekly tournament with the winner being crowned top reviewer for the week. As top reviewer, you will have the right to tell other members if their review of a particular restaurant was correct or incorrect.”

Whitten says the reason for the league is he does not have the time or energy to police the group as needed. “This will give group members the ability to tell others what their opinions should be. It will also free up more time for me to pursue other business ventures.”

When asked about those other business ventures, Whitten would not comment but records obtained by SCC revealed that he is in negotiations with Paul Maddox to obtain both intellectual and physical property associated with Arkansas 911 News. Email correspondence between the two points to an Arkansas 911 Restaurant Review Service that would dispatch a reporter to the site of any negative review and an in depth explanation and hold up service for other patrons.


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