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HSPD K-9 Arrested After Sexually Assaulting Suspect

Hot Springs, AR - Police in Hot Springs had to arrest one of their own today after one of the Department's K-9 Officers violently humped a suspect following a foot pursuit. Witnesses on scene say that the K-9 began humping in mid-air as he jumped for the suspect. "That poor man didn't stand a chance. He flew through the air with a humping motion then It was like Deontay Wilder was punching the man over and over again."

When officers finally got their colleague off, every bone in the man's leg was shattered. "Given the circumstances, we really had no other choice but to arrest him. That kind of behavior won't be tolerated by any officers, human or animal," a spokesman for the department said.

We'll have more on this story as it develops. Chick here for other breaking news in and around Hot Springs.



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