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HSPD Vehicles Targeted in April Fools Day Prank

Hot Springs, AR - Multiple Hot Springs Police çuisers were targeted overnight by an unknown April fools day prankster. The assailant broke into the vehicles and manipulated the sirens to play the COPS theme song when turned on. Joey Williams, the department's public relations officer said that they are working to correct the situation and are collecting evidence to develop a suspect.

HSPD became aware of the situation when an officer attempted a traffic stop this morning and turned his lights and siren on. "I turned my overheads on and instead of the siren, the COPS theme song starts blasting." Five other officers reported the same problem while trying to conduct routine traffic stops. Williams says that it wouldn't be in the interest of public safety to bring all the cars in to fix them, so, for now, they're leaving them as is. "We can't justify taking officers off duty over audio problems with cruisers. So if you see blue lights behind you with the familiar COPS theme song playing, pull over.



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