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HSPD Wins Governor’s Award for Best Handshakes Displayed on Social Media

Hot Springs, AR - The Hot Springs Police Department won the award for best handshakes in social media posts. In a statement released by Governor Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, she acknowledged the diligence the department has shown over the years in providing the community with handshakes they can be proud of.

“The Hot Springs Police Department has led the state in strong, reliable, and dependable handshakes with all their social media posts. Their officers have worked diligently to never let the community down with a limp, non-gripping handshake.”

The department attributes its countless hours of handshake training and tens of thousands of dollars in media equipment for being able to secure the state’s prestigious award. “We have put a lot of work and thousands of taxpayer dollars into our officers’ ability to provide quality handshakes in all of our social media posts. We are very proud.

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