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HSSD Bus Driver Lets Jesus Take the Wheel, Crashes Bus

Hot Springs, AR - A bus driver with the Hot Springs School District was involved in a single-vehicle accident earlier today after losing control of the bus he was driving. The driver, identified as 32-year-old Christian Christiansen, says he was listening to a Christian rock mixtape when a song he was listening to said Jesus take the wheel, so he let go of the steering wheel. The bus then veered off the road and crashed into a retaining wall.

Spa City Chronicle reached out to Jesus to inquire why he didn't "take the wheel," with no response as of yet. The Hot Springs Police Department says they won't be seeking charges against the driver but are looking into the possibility of charges against Jesus. "We don't feel it appropriate charging the driver for a crime when all he did was follow his faith. We are however seeking why Jesus Christ decided to not take the wheel and put the lives of the children and the bus driver at risk."

Mr. Christiansen believes no actions should be taken against christ as when the bus crashed it happened to kill a member of his church who hasn't paid tithes in recent weeks. "I see this as all in God's plan," Mr. Christiansen said.



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