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Huckabee Sanders Cast in Titanic Remake

Little Rock, AR - In a stunning move aimed at expanding her base, Governor Huckabee-Sanders has accepted a role as transgender Jack Dawson in a Titanic remake. The role, Sanders says, is aimed at mending the broken relationship she has with the LGBTQUKAMN community. “I have, for a long time, had a very strained relationship with this community. With this role, I aim to change the dynamic of that relationship and utilize the power that this community holds, and ultimately crush my opponents.”

According to the governor’s press secretary, the announcement was planned for the beginning of June, but was halted due to budgeting for the project falling through. “We really wanted to make this announcement at the beginning of pride month, but had to postpone due to budgeting concerns. These concerns were resolved earlier this week with state funds…… I mean funds from the Republican State Committee. Please omit the last part,” the press secretary said in a statement.

Caitlyn Jenner is cited as joining the production team to assist the governor with her performance and make it believable. The remake is slated to start production early next month and wrap up in early November. It is set to hit theaters in early 2026.



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