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Hutchinson Says Blacks in Arkansas Relatively Safe With Stand Your Ground Law

Little Rock, AR - A day after signing "Stand Your Ground into law," Governor Hutchinson says the majority of blacks in Arkansas are safe, as long as they don't step out of line. "We're not saying this law is directed at black people but we are fully aware that they will be the ones most affected by it. With the black population on the rise, our administration, along with the state GOP wanted to give white Americans a reason to not only visit the natural state but even lay down some roots here," an aid to the governor said.

His office issued guidance to black community leaders earlier today to aid in minimizing the soon-to-be-rising death rate of blacks in Arkansas. "It's probably best if you all leave the state" was the headline of the document. The NAACP is outraged but won't do anything to aid in abolishing the law that has to do with going to Arkansas. A statement released to SCC said, "We ain't getting shot."

Hutchinson believes it will help aid in racial inclusion within the state as many Arkansans can now freely say the N-word, without fear of retaliation. "If you say the word and a black person makes you feel threatened for saying it, shoot them. Eventually, they'll either accept it or there won't be any more left."

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