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Iggy Azalea to Replace Amy Hale at KLAZ 105.9

Hot Springs, AR - Amy Hale is out at KLAZ, effective next Monday. US Stations LLC, which owns KLAZ, says months of poor ratings, horrible people skills and an out of control Starbucks addiction, led to her ouster. The company says they have negotiated a deal with Australian rapper, Iggy Azalea to take her place. "We believe Ms. Azalea will bring a certain energy to Hot Springs that has never been seen before," they said in a Facebook post earlier today."

Hale, who has been with the station for six years posted a video about her firing online just hours ago, says that she's "glad to be out of that crappy station" and she is also looking forward to "leaving this one horse town" to get back into acting.

Apparently, her firing came at the perfect time as the Starbucks addicted, former radio personality is rumored to be in talks with Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige to take on the role of Lady Deathstrike in the studio's upcoming phase four.



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