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Jan Morgan Cites Toxic Breath as Reason for Opposing Mask Mandate

Hot Springs, AR - After causing controversy over her opposition to Governor Hutchinson's statewide mask mandate, Jan Morgan explained her stance in an exclusive interview with Spa City Chronicle. According to her, it is not feasible to wear a mask out in public or anywhere for that matter due to a rare medical condition she suffers from called toxic breath syndrome. "My breath literally smells like possum shit. Do you realize what it would be like for me to have to breathe that in while in public? I would die."

Morgan went on to say that at most lectures she gives, the crowd has to sit back a mandatory 20ft from the stage to avoid the toxic smell. "The governor should take things like this into account before issuing illegal mandates that infringe on our right to choose what is best for us. In my case, I don't want to smell possum shit all day." Morgan claims that he mandate puts her health at risk while trying to protect others. She says that she is well versed in social distancing due to her condition and even holds her breath when taking photos with fans so they don't pass out from the odor.

"Let the people choose what is best for them during this pandemic. I'd rather risk catching COVID-19 than smelling my own garbage breath."



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