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Jason Rapert Introduces Bill to Ban Female Masturbation

Little Rock, AR - Arkansas Senator Jason Rapert Introduced a bill into the Arkansas Senate today to make female masturbation a punishable offense. Rapert cites biblical principal and a lack of moral responsibility among women as the reason for the measure. "Immoral thoughts lead to masturbation, masturbation leads to premarital sex, and that leads to abortions," he said in a Facebook post about the subject.

A source close to Rapert says the Arkansas Senator believes that the only orgasm a woman should ever experience is doing the work of the lord and anything else is of the devil. "He is always boasting about how his wife has never had an evil orgasm and is completely happy," according to the source.

A member of Spa City Chronicle caught up with the senator and asked why men would not be included in the ban, and he simply said: "Boys will be boys and shouldn't be punished for that."



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