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Leprechauns Violently Protest City's Decision to Cancel St. Patrick's Day Parade

Hot Springs, AR - After Hot Springs canceled the St. Patricks Day Parade, Leprechauns from around the state came to protest outside city hall. They say the cancelation of the parade infringed on their freedoms and displayed the city's disdain for the Leprechaun population. City officials have said the decision was made for public health and safety precautions during the pandemic and had nothing to do with the hatred they have for Leprechauns.

"I was furious when they announced the cancelation. Leprechauns have a voice," Lucky the Leprechaun said. The leprechaun protestors have been outside city hall for almost 24 hours, throwing bottles of green beer at anyone and everyone coming in and out of the building. Police say it is impossible to arrest them as they cannot catch them. "They're magical creatures, and our officers aren't equipped to handle that. So, you have a bunch of people getting doused with green beer," Joey Williams with Hot Springs Police stated.

Lucky says the protest will end when the parade begins. "We live for mischief and have no problem harassing city hall until our rights are acknowledged by the city."



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