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Little Rock Dr. Delays Birth Over Religious Objections

Little Rock, AR — A Little Rock woman was forced to delay her child’s birth by her OB GYN for 24 hrs after the doctor refused to work on the sabbath. The woman, 28-year-old Mary Elizabeth says the incident happened when she went into labor late Friday night/early Saturday morning.

Once she reached the hospital, her doctor instructed her to “hold it in” until after the sabbath. The doctor, 50-year-old Tom Boozman said he is thankful the newly passed medical conscientious objections law saved him from certain death as described in Exodus 35:2. “This new law has very likely saved my life’” he said in a statement.

Elizabeth eventually gave birth late Sunday afternoon and the child was born with minimal birth defects as a result of her “holding it in.” Dr. Bozeman says this is a prime example of why the law is needed to protect his religious beliefs even as a practicing doctor. medical conscientious objections law. medical conscientious objections law



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