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Little Rock Man Stabbed by Girlfriend In Spite of Following Her Directions

Little Rock, AR — A Little Rock man was hospitalized late last night with multiple stab wounds after an altercation with his girlfriend. According to the police report, 26-year-old Preston Hines and his girlfriend Jessica Swanson were having an argument. Hines was attempting to resolve the conflict when Swanson allegedly said “go ask your hoes.”

Later that evening the 26-year-old arranged a meeting of his respective hoes to ascertain what Swanson was so upset about. Hines claims that the meeting was very informative, and he gained a lot of insight into what was actually wrong with Swanson.

Before the conclusion of the meeting Swanson allegedly broke into the motel where the meeting was being held and stabbed her boyfriend of 3 years repeatedly while shouting “You and your hoes got me fucked up!”

Hines says he does not want to press charges as he’s still trying to get Swanson to agree to funding his up and coming business which he is unsure what it will actually be.



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