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Local Man Beaten After Refusing a Gift For Social Media Post

Hot Springs Police responded to a fight in progress at Walmart on Albert Pike late yesterday evening. Officers state that upon arrival they witnessed one male on top of another punching him. The man was screaming, "You should have just let me record it," as he was throwing punches. Police say they took a few pictures and watched on with the crowd before breaking it up. "You should have seen the victim when we pulled the guy off of him. Funniest pose ever.'

The suspect, 30-year-old Carl Olsen says he was trying to make a post about helping out the less fortunate and became irate when the victim wouldn't let him record his good deed for social media. "I heard people can make millions from these kinds of videos but this here guy acts like he is too good to accept my gift. So I Beat his ass for costing me millions and killing my chance at social media fame."

The victim says he's shocked at the whole ordeal. "I get beat up for not letting some sociopath record me, and then the cops just stand around laughing."

The suspect plans on starting a YouTube channel dedicated to making people accept gifts. "I'm either gonna get famous for giving gifts or chasing people down, beating their asses and making them take the gifts."

Police say they plan on subscribing to the channel. "Based on what we saw today, it should be a good series to follow

*Photos courtesy of HSPD



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