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Majority of Arkansans Believe High Gas Prices Caused by Biden's Alliance to Satan

Little Rock, AR- A recent poll has found that the majority of Arkansans say rising gas prices are due to President Joe Biden's affiliation with the satanic church. Joe Biden is well known to the natural state as the abortion peddling, Antifa butt buddy, American hating communist, son of Satan. "Given all the evil President Biden has done while in office, like causing climate change to attack Texas, I completely believe he is raising gas prices to ruin the economy to fulfill his oath to the dark lord," one Arkansan said.

According to several Facebook sources dedicated to exposing Biden's and Lucifer's plans for destroying America, once gas prices are above 10 dollars a gallon, Biden will force people to buy electric vehicles powered by solar and wind energy that has been blessed in darkness by the Satanic Church. The wind energy will be used to cause super tornados in tornado alley."Once we are all driving Satan Cars and getting our power from unholy sources, America will be lost to the Communist-Satanist."

As gas prices continue to rise many Arkansans are holding rallies in hopes of giving former President Trump the power to make a holy come back and protect the nation from the newfound threat of Communist-Satanism. "Trump will deliver us from the evil that has befallen our great nation in the form of Devil loving Joe. Texas was the first casualty in his war against America. Don't let Arkansas be the next casualty with high gas price-induced super tornados.



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