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McClard's Owners Reach Deal With Smokin In Style After Public Outcry Over Bone's Deal

Hot Springs, AR - Amid Public outcry, the owners of McClard's Barbecue have backed out of a deal selling the business to Bone's Chophouse and began negotiations with the owners of Smokin in Style. "The family felt that given Smokin in Style's history, although short, is still that of a very impressive business model that is more in line with McClard's," a representative for the family said. When reached for comment, Bone's Chophouse did not respond.

For there part, Smokin in Style says the transition will be slow, to let it all sink in for people. "We're thinking of naming it Smokin in Style Presents Mc'Clards," a rep from Smokin in Style announced. They plan on updating some of the dishes but keeping the same McClard's recipe. "We plan on keeping most of the favorites, just using our technique with their recipe. It's going to be exciting and we think the public will love it," the rep continued.

One thing Smokin in Style wanted to make clear is that they will be keeping all current employees and training them with Smokin in Style methods. They will also be keeping the Tamale Spread as is. "We're not going to change that. It'll be a sort of homage to the history of the business."

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