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McDonald's to Replace Workers at All Hot Springs Locations

All McDonald's stores in Hot Springs are planning on laying off all their employees next month. The move comes amid a record number of complaints. A spokesman for McDonald's Corporate said the location on Grand & Malvern is the worst rated store in the franchise's history. "There was actually a complaint of a worker refusing to serve a customer who didn't want to buy their mixtape at this location." It is time for a change according to the company executives.

McDonald's has plans to replace all the workers with Oompa-Loompas. The small, yet efficient creatures will

help restore customer confidence and boost productivity along with sales for the area locations. "At this point, yes we believe fictional characters can do a better job than the current employees." They work for a fraction of the cost of human employees and according to McDonald's focus groups, go over great with children.

When asked if the employees being laid off will receive a severance package, the company spokesman laughed and said, "they should be lucky we don't turn them all over to the health department."



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