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Mickey Gates Goes In Depth On Benefits of 15 Yrs of Tax Evasion

Hot Springs, AR - Arkansas House Representative Mickey Gates sat down with Spa City Chronicle to discuss his fifteen years of tax evasion, how he spent the more than $500,000 he owes the state and why he will win his case against the state.

Mr. Gates, a Republican member of the Arkansas House of Representatives for District 22, which encompasses Garland and Saline counties is said to owe the state well over 500K. He thinks it's closer to 800K but lost count a long time ago. "I'm sure I owe a lot more than what is estimated, but that's the beauty of never filing. No one really knows," Gates said. Gates' reasoning behind the "alleged" tax evasion is simple according to him. "Because I can, I did, and I got reelected after it was all said and done bitches."

Trips to Spa City Girlz, colored toilet paper, diamond encrusted condoms, Boats, and a $250,000 campaign/party bus. These are just some of the things Gates says he's spent the state's money on over the years. "It's been an amazing 15 years. And yes, even though I was already well off, not paying my state income taxes for so long has opened up so many financial opportunities for me and my family."

As to how his six class D felony charges for failure to file state income tax returns will go, Gates says he's not in the least bit worried. "I plan on using what I save this year from not filing to pay off all concerned parties."



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