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Multiverse Theory Suggests Cyclops Version of Arkansas Governor Exists

Little Rock, AR - According to a new study by leading physicists, there is a universe where Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders is indeed a cyclops. The lead physicist on the study, Dr. Hank Pym, says the discovery could lead to scientists unlocking the door to the multiverse.

“We have discovered with the Arkansas Governor, a strong connection to her multiverse counterpart,” Pym said in an interview. The study finds that Huckabee-Sanders has a very unique bond with her other universe counterpart, due to the extremely close similarities they share.

“The physical and psychological similarities are astounding. We hypothesize that like our universe’s Governor, the cyclops version has introduced education legislation aimed at indoctrination, child labor, and the dismantling of the separation of church and state,” Pym continued.

What has Pym and other physicists stumped, is the multiverse’s Governor Sanders push for free vision care for all. “Our research suggests that this version’s religious, political, and xenophobic views are not reflected in her views when it comes to vision health.”

The main thing holding scientists back from unlocking the secrets of the multiverse is understanding Cyclops Huckabee-Sanders's vision-health for all stance.



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