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Outraged Startek Employees Track Down Offensive Callers

After months of abuse from angry customers, a group of Startek employees has had enough. The group says they've been traveling around the country giving disrespectful callers epic beatdowns. "We're tired of the disrespect. These people calling our call center aren't looking for help. They want to hide behind a phone and talk shit," the head of the group said.

After saving up enough money and collecting a list of the company's worst callers, they set off to show the unruly people that you can't hide behind a phone and run your mouth with zero consequences. A check of police reports shows the group has left a path of destruction across the country even hanging one person from the top of a cell tower. "The guy was adamant about getting better service, so we gave it to him."

Startek has been following the group's activity and says while they usually have a zero tolerance policy for that kind of behavior, it's about time someone took a stance against overly rude callers. "It's not our workers' fault people choose the service provider they have. They should know when they sign up for the service that it's going to be horrible," a spokesman for the company said.

Spa City Chronicle has also reached out to various law enforcement agencies to see what, if anything they are doing to stop this violent group of call center workers. The common response has been that most of these people had it coming. "We've all fantasized about dishing out beat downs to rude people we come in contact with at work," one officer said.



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