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President Biden Wants to Ban Guns From Those Who Can’t Fight

Washington, DC — President Joe Biden on Tuesday announced his push for gun control following the latest mass shooting. His administration plans on releasing their gun control plan which they hope will be met with bipartisan support. The mainstay of which is a provision that would prevent people who have never been in a fight from owning a firearm.

According to the President too many Americans rely on weapons to solve disputes and are afraid of getting knocked out. “Weapons bring an unearned sense of confidence to Americans who, without guns, would not be running their mouths.”

The administration also plans on reducing the severity of criminal charges for those involved in fights. “America’s gun problem won’t be solved until the majority of Americans learn to not be cowards.”

The President plans on using a specific speech from John Witherspoon’s character in the movie Friday to campaign the agenda. “You win some, you lose some, but you live to fight another day.”



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