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President Trump Punches White Illegal Migrant Baby

Washington, DC - In an effort to prove he treats all illegal migrants the same, regardless of race, President Trump punched an illegal white baby. It happened at an event raising money for special needs children abandoned in America. Democrats have condemned the act as nothing more than a political stunt, while Republicans say it proves the commander in chief is not a racist and hates all illegals.

Democrats nationwide are saying too little, too late. "He punches one white baby, and we're supposed to forget about all the brown migrant children locked in cages. I think not," Senate Minority Leader Harry Ried said in a statement. Nancy Pelosi's office released a statement saying in part, "It's like putting a bandaid on a gunshot wound. It's not enough."

Republicans are painting a completely different picture of the incident, claiming it shows the President is absolutely not racist. "Any man that goes out of his way to punch a kid solely because he's illegal and white can't have a racist bone in him," Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton said via Twitter.

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