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Proposal Made for Removal of Confederate Statue in Downtown Hot Springs

Hot Springs, AR - After weeks of controversy surrounding the statue of an unnamed Confederate soldier in downtown Hot Springs, the owners of the property agreed to remove the statue under one condition. The Daughters of the Confederacy sent in a proposal to city officials late Thursday, stating they would remove the statue if the Hot Springs would legalize incest within the city limits. Speaking with Spa City Chronicle, City Manager Bill Burrough said, "What the actual f**k!"

In the proposal sent to the Board of Directors, the Daughters of the Confederacy cite a need for descendants of the confederate army to have a way to remember their heritage. "If we can't remember our heritage with monuments glorifying our humiliating loss, then we should be able to remember it in the comfort of our own homes with close family." The proposal went on to explain the history of "close-knit" confederate families during the war and how important those relationships were moving forward. Spa City Chronicle has opted not to go into the details of the proposal given its disturbing nature and our staff having to bleach their eyes after reading it.

The city manager's office says they have not yet drafted a response to the proposal as they are waiting on guidance from the city attorney on whether or not the city can use explicit language in their reply. Spa City Chronicle will provide updates on this story as they become available.



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