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Resort TV Cable Begins Filming New Reality Series

Hot Springs, AR - Resort TV Cable is teaming up with BS Entertainment to launch a new reality tv series following a group of bounty hunters tracking down people who are behind on their cable bills, those stealing cable and people refusing to sign two-year contract extensions. The show, titled Cable Hunters will premiere late next year. Resort's General Manager Chuck Launius says he expects the show to be an instant hit while and bringing in money owed to the cable company.

The Show will bring Dog The Bounty Hunter and his crew back to the small screen to hunt down cable criminals. "The production company is doing a bunch of test shoots right now with some of our customers and what they have so far looks quite promising," said Mr. Launius. BS Entertainment says they're letting Dog and his crew have creative freedom to use whatever means necessary to collect for Resort Cable. "Dog is perfect for this. They are kicking in doors, chasing down cars and basically forcing people to pay their bills.

Another thing the show will look at is forcing customers who are out of contract to sign new two-year agreements. "The entertainment industry is very competitive and we are always looking for ways to get new customers and force old ones to stay," Launius continued.

Both Resort Cable and BS Entertainment say the show won't lead to a monopoly for the local cable company because everyone still has a choice. You can sign up with Resort or feel the pain.



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