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Scientists Confirm Hot Springs Sitting on an Active Volcano

Hot Springs, AR - After months of study, scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey say there is no doubt Hot Springs is sitting on top of an active volcano. "For a very long time, people have speculated about a possible volcano underneath the area, but it's always just been speculation," one scientist said. They plan on bringing their findings, along with suggestions on disaster preparedness options to the City Board and local FEMA office.

The scientists say there is no immediate threat to the public, but a leaked memo to the Hot Springs Board of Directors paints a much different picture and a horrible disaster ready assessment. The memo obtained by Spa City Chronicle reads in part, "Look at the bright side, they'll probably make an epic movie about how the volcano took out Hot Springs."

Mayor Pat McCabe calls the alleged leaked memo "nothing more than hogwash," and says the city is in absolutely no danger. In other city news, the board plans to vote on an ordinance next week to move city hall to a location inside Benton for completely unrelated reasons.



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