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Sling Blade 2 Set to Begin Production in Benton This Summer

Benton, AR — Sling Blade 2 is set to begin production this summer in Benton, AR. The announcement comes from 20th Century Studios and has actor/director Billy Bob Thornton stepping back into the director’s seat as well as reprising the role of Karl Childers. Lucas Black is also set to reprise his role as Frank Wheatley.

According to sources close to the project, the movie will follow Karl as he is once again released from a mental hospital and moves in with Frank. “Sling Blade 2 will take a different direction with its story as it takes a deep look into the difficulty of trying to Re-assimilate into today’s society for a mentally challenged person,” the source said.

The production company is set to begin casting extras for the film in late May. Thornton believes this will be a great opportunity to give Karl the happy ending he deserves and also get back to his roots in Arkansans.



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