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State Sen. Jason Rapert Escapes Hospital After Being Placed in Room Next to LGBTQ Patient

Bigelow, AR - Arkansas state senator Jason Rapert has run out of the hospital he was being treated at for COVID-19, according to reports. The senator, who has made headlines in the past for his stance on the LGBTQ community, ran out of the hospital after being placed in a room next to a lesbian also being treated for COVID-19. "Mr. Rapet became very paranoid, combative, and extremely distressed when he saw ballons with LGBTQ references being delivered to the next room," hospital staff said.

He first tried to attack the lesbian couple next to him with holy water, but when that failed to "burst them into unholy flames of damnation," he began is escape from the hospital. "After throwing the holy water on the couple next to him didn't do anything, he took off screaming about how gays were the cause of COVID and if science was going to help them fight the pandemic, he could only trust in God to save him, a nurse reported."

Hospital staff attempted to catch the state senator but lost him as he made it to a large forested area.



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