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Summit Utilities Announces Rate Increase After Garland County Explosion

Hot Springs, AR - Arkansas’ newest natural gas provider is raising rates effective immediately, according to a press release issued following a pipeline explosion in Garland County. The rate increase will not affect the planned winter rate increase scheduled for this December.

“Customers can expect a plethora of new fees included on November bills. Pipeline inspection and repair, emergency maintenance, employee overtime, parts and labor, government oversight, and fuck you, we can to name a few, the press release stated. From a dollars and cents perspective, customers can expect a $400 added cost next month as a result of the explosion and cost associated with it.

“We understand the hardships this could put many Arkansas families in but you have to consider our shareholders and upper management. We have to ensure our company’s top people are well taken care of and have ample financial security for legal defense in the event regulators find we were at fault for the explosion.”



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