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Summit Utilities Offers Support to Customers in Need

Little Rock, AR - With more wintery weather descending on the natural state, Arkansas’ new natural gas provider, Summit Utilities, is launching a new educational ad campaign to help customers keep their natural gas bills manageable. According to the company, the “Dress-up or Pay-up” program will give thousands of customers the knowledge needed to make it through the coming cold snaps.

A spokesman said, “We want customers to get to know us better. We also want to help them get a better understanding of usage charges and why they’re so high.” They are said to have spent 50 million on the ad campaign. “Yeah, most of that went to executive bonuses. We are sitting on a mountain of cash from the last cold snap that came through.”

The best way to keep your natural gas costs down is to not turn it on. “We advise putting more clothes on because if you turn your heat on, we are going to get ours.”

Summit wants customers to know they understand the cost to heat homes is absurd.

“We don’t give a damn, you’re going to pay that bill or freeze. Your choice.”



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